Programmer's Inner-circle Elite

Pie Superpowers on your Coderanch account with access to our secret inner circle, special freebies, and discounts from our partner vendors.
Special classification
Pie is special classification for members on that gives you access to a great deal of stuff, just because we love you!
Build up your pie
Make a quality post on Coderanch and someone might give you a piece of pie. Or, earn enough Cows to get pie. Or better yet, you can always buy some delicious pie for yourself.
Share some pie
Someone deserves more than a "thank you"? Send them a little piece of pie, and let them enjoy superpowers for a whole month!
Access to the secret pie forum
Get free stuff that is currently in the pie forum, stuff that is normally not free. Get discounts from businesses that love PIE people.
No ads
When you have pie, you can turn off all sorts of ads from your pie settings and enjoy an ad-free ride.
Make your thread stand out
With pie, you can highlight one of your threads with a "pie icon". Add any of your threads to more forums for more exposure. Better yet, give away a piece of pie to a good post.
Smoother navigation
  • Ability to show, in a thread, how far you have viewed in the past
  • Navigate to the last post you have viewed
  • Show a "help bar" when making new posts
  • Ability to directly PM/email someone on a thread
  • Show "breadcrumb" navigation links
More emphasis
  • Ability to make larger signatures
  • Your account is highlighted with a piece of pie, showing that you are part of the inner circle
  • Five more bumper stickers under your name
  • Ability to give two thumbs up on a post
  • Ability to give thumbs down
  • Hide your email / PM information
Customize everything
  • Make your own toolbar with 35 different tags
  • Turn off the wood background
  • Hide the Coderanch logo
  • Show thread starter in list of threads
  • Show last commenter in list of threads
  • Customize your time zone
Even more privileges
  • Make your own private notes about other users
  • Ability to post to the cider press (provided you also have enough Cow)
  • Ability to access recent topics
  • Ability to buy certain items with pie
  • Access to the secret pie forum

Get pie and join the elite

1 pie slice = 1 month membership