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Beginning Java Overriding the .toString() method 1 Yassan Hikasa 2 minutes ago
Paweł Baczyński
Beginning Java My login code does not find Account and always return incorrect username\password 18 Yosuf Ibrahim 20 minutes ago
Dave Tolls
Beginning Java Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 7 matthew reid 29 minutes ago
Dave Tolls
Tomcat TomEE Servlet+Connector+Webapp issue 0 Richie Ju 29 minutes ago
Richie Ju
Swing / AWT / SWT Java GUI Error 8 Nathan Tibbitts 30 minutes ago
Dave Tolls
Object Relational Mapping getting first row as object 1 Miri Yusifli 33 minutes ago
Dave Tolls
Ranch Office Is current RSS broken? 5 Mikalai Zaikin 58 minutes ago
Tim Moores
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) String Split 1 shahana kareem 1 hour ago
Swastik Dey
Beginning Java How to tell if it's a String 10 Glenn Jayasuriya 1 hour ago
Jesper de Jong
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) String Pattern matching 0 shahana kareem 1 hour ago
shahana kareem
Android Android Tabs with Navigation Drawer 5 Muhannd Dhahier 2 hours ago
Tim Moores
Beginning Java How to update code from changes to a google spreadsheet 0 Glenn Jayasuriya 3 hours ago
Glenn Jayasuriya
Beginning Java can't run log4j: class file problem 2 Jason Attin 3 hours ago
Ron McLeod
Android Need feedback on my ideas 2 P Marksson 3 hours ago
Ron McLeod
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) Netbeans forces Garbage collection ,not request Garbage Collection 9 Ramya Chowdary 4 hours ago
Paul Clapham
JDBC and Relational Databases uploading photo to database 6 ronald silva 4 hours ago
Paul Clapham
Associate Certification (OCAJP 7/8) Operator precedence 1 João Victor Gomes 4 hours ago
João Victor Gomes
Java in General Date conversions from java to SQL 1 ashok movva 4 hours ago
Paul Clapham
Beginning Java data structures 6 nelle martina 6 hours ago
nelle martina
Beginning Java Object Casting Not Functioning Properly 3 Chris Avila 8 hours ago
Chris Avila
Other Open Source Projects QueryRunner arguments don't make sense to me 3 Mark Richardson 8 hours ago
Ron McLeod
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) OCP Java 8 SE Study Guide - Chapter 4-Creating Primitive Streams -Typo 0 prateek shaw 8 hours ago
prateek shaw
Web Services Appending n headers to a response 1 Hans Hovan 9 hours ago
Ron McLeod
Swing / AWT / SWT GUI for the Tic Tac Toe game 17 Lee High 9 hours ago
Lee High
Ranch Office My watch is broken (I can't tell what time it is) 0 Carey Brown 9 hours ago
Carey Brown
Java in General How to structure a class with optional parameters
[ 1, 2 ]
44 Hank Emery 10 hours ago
Junilu Lacar
JSF Is JSF still worth it to learn? 2 Fernando Guerrero 10 hours ago
Tim Holloway
Java in General How to convert string from Json.stringify back to Json or iterable object Java? 4 Erde Erik 11 hours ago
Rob Spoor
Java in General Which way of learning as developer do you prefer, video tutorials or reading a book? 17 div tripathi 12 hours ago
Junilu Lacar
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) Double Checked Locking 0 Elana Abelev 12 hours ago
Elana Abelev
HTML, CSS and JavaScript Problem getting some code from jsfiddle to work. 4 Shane Stevens 12 hours ago
Shane Stevens
Beginning Java What does return "" mean in this context? 11 Mark Richardson 12 hours ago
Tim Holloway
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) LinkedTransferQueue 5 shahana kareem 13 hours ago
shahana kareem
JPA Certification (OCEJPAD) Question about client's transaction may or may not rollback. 1 Himai Minh 14 hours ago
Himai Minh
Java in General POS tagging in java using given file 1 vin Hari 14 hours ago
vin Hari
Features new in Java 8 refactor Strategy Pattern code "functionally"? 1 H Paul 14 hours ago
H Paul
Programmer Certification (OCPJP) Question for 1Z0-813 (Upgrade from Java 6 to Java 8) 0 johnny costa 14 hours ago
johnny costa
HTML, CSS and JavaScript How do you change the color of the numbers in my FizzBuzz app? 4 Bobby Morrison 15 hours ago
Bobby Morrison
Java in General Trouble linking static methods into main 5 Adam Bush 15 hours ago
Campbell Ritchie