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I would like to thank Ajith Kallambella and Frank Carver, who provided most of the links on this page :)


List of them (XML 1.0, XLink, XPath, XSL 1.0, WAP/WML 1.2.1, SVG 1.0...)



Book surveys

Detailed survey, by Charles F. Goldfarb's
All the XML Books in Print ... or nearly so. 135 Unique Titles as of December 19, 2000.

Free chapters


XML in a Nutshell
Chapter 9: XPath

Java and XML
Chapter 9: Web Publishing Frameworks

Java Examples in a Nutshell
Chapter 19: XML

Learning XML
Chapter 2: Markup and Core Concepts

Wrox Press:

XSLT Programmer's Reference
Chapter 1: XSLT in context

Professional XML Databases
Chapter 2: XML Structures for Existing Databases

Professional XML
Chapter 6: SAX 1.0: The Simple API for XML

Professional Java XML Programming with Servlets and JSP
Chapter 10: JSPs and JavaBeans

Designing Distributed Applications with XML, ASP, IE5, LDAP and MSMQ
Chapter 5: Metadata

Building Oracle XML Applications
Chapter 7. Transforming XML with XSLT




W3School: beginners tutorial for XML, XSL, DTD...

Mirror at

XML for the absolute beginner. A guided tour from HTML to processing XML with Java, by Mark Johnson


XPath tutorial by examples
visual representations of XPath; you can see an XML tree and the result of applying various XPath elements.
XSLT reference with examples
For each element or function there is a brief overview, and a few examples. Click on Interactive xlab, insert your parameter in the XSL expression and see the results!
(Without frames)

Namespace Myths Exploded, by Ronald Bourret


Component-Based Page Layouts
An example illustrating the use of XHTML + XSLT + XLink.

XSLT transforms library A nice collection of useful XSLT transforms, models and reusable fragments under the GPL, involving HTML tables, XML Schema, HTML GUI, MathML, SQL analogy. 15 entities.

XML Examples


XML Syntax Quick Reference (pdf) US Letter (8.5" x 11") size

XSLT and XPath Quick Reference (pdf) US Legal (14" x 8.5") size

White papers and articles


Rescuing XSLT from Niche Status.A Gentle Introduction to XSLT through HTML Templates

Architectural overview

Abstracting the interface: Building an adaptable Web app front end with XML and XSL

Architectures for Styling, by Didier Martin

Style, good practice and tips

29 XML patterns

Improve your XSLT coding five ways, by Benoît Marchal
Tips to make you a better XSLT programmer

A Class Act, by Didier Martin, February 02, 2000
Most of the time, when a document is transformed from XML to HTML using an XSLT style sheet, the semantics of the original document are lost. Is there any way to preserve semantic information from the original XML document? There is. Use the class attribute to link the transformed element in HTML to the original XML element.

XML and databases

XML and Databases, by Ronald Bourret.

XML Structures for Existing Databases, by Kevin Williams and nine other database developers
Professional XML Databases authors

Modeling Relational Data in XML, by Lee Buck

Mapping Objects To Relational Databases by Scott W. Ambler. An excellent paper on object-relational mappings

XML and other WEB technologies

Using XML and JSP together, By Alex Chaffee

Developing, Applying and Optimizing XSLT with Java Servlets

Style-free XSLT Style Sheets

What Place Has CSS in the XML World?, by Didier Martin.
Is CSS a good style language to use with XML? Is CSS an alternative to XSLT?

Architectures for Styling, by Didier Martin.

XML and Java

Processing XML with Java

XML, Java, databases and the Web

Java XML Application Categories

How tos



A roundup of editors, by David Mertz, Ph.D.
This article, highlighting the difference between data- and prose-oriented XML formats, describes 3 XML editors: Microsoft's XML Notepad, Wattle Software's XMLWriter, TIBCO Extensibility's XML Instance;
two integrated development environments (IDE): XML Spy, SoftQuad XMetal, and mentions a few others (Morphon, Xeena ...)