Class PdfIndirectObject

  extended by com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfIndirectObject

public class PdfIndirectObject
extends java.lang.Object

PdfIndirectObject is the Pdf indirect object.

An indirect object is an object that has been labeled so that it can be referenced by other objects. Any type of PdfObject may be labeled as an indirect object.
An indirect object consists of an object identifier, a direct object, and the endobj keyword. The object identifier consists of an integer object number, an integer generation number, and the obj keyword.
This object is described in the 'Portable Document Format Reference Manual version 1.7' section 3.2.9 (page 63-65).

See Also:
PdfObject, PdfIndirectReference

Field Summary
protected  int generation
          the generation number
protected  int number
          The object number
Method Summary
 PdfIndirectReference getIndirectReference()
          Returns a PdfIndirectReference to this PdfIndirectObject.
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Field Detail


protected int number
The object number


protected int generation
the generation number

Method Detail


public PdfIndirectReference getIndirectReference()
Returns a PdfIndirectReference to this PdfIndirectObject.

a PdfIndirectReference

iText 2.1.7