Interface PatternConsumer

All Known Implementing Classes:
HyphenationTree, SimplePatternParser

public interface PatternConsumer

This interface is used to connect the XML pattern file parser to the hyphenation tree.

Carlos Villegas

Method Summary
 void addClass(java.lang.String chargroup)
          Add a character class.
 void addException(java.lang.String word, java.util.ArrayList hyphenatedword)
          Add a hyphenation exception.
 void addPattern(java.lang.String pattern, java.lang.String values)
          Add hyphenation patterns.

Method Detail


void addClass(java.lang.String chargroup)
Add a character class. A character class defines characters that are considered equivalent for the purpose of hyphenation (e.g. "aA"). It usually means to ignore case.

chargroup - character group


void addException(java.lang.String word,
                  java.util.ArrayList hyphenatedword)
Add a hyphenation exception. An exception replaces the result obtained by the algorithm for cases for which this fails or the user wants to provide his own hyphenation. A hyphenatedword is a vector of alternating String's and Hyphen instances


void addPattern(java.lang.String pattern,
                java.lang.String values)
Add hyphenation patterns.

pattern - the pattern
values - interletter values expressed as a string of digit characters.

iText 2.1.7