Package com.lowagie.text.pdf

Interface Summary
ExtraEncoding Classes implementing this interface can create custom encodings or replace existing ones.
FontMapper A FontMapper implementation handles mappings between AWT Fonts and PDF fonts.
HyphenationEvent Called by Chunk to hyphenate a word.
OcspClient Interface for the OCSP Client.
PdfOCG The interface common to all layer types.
PdfPageEvent Allows a class to catch several document events.
PdfPCellEvent An event called for a single cell.
PdfPTableEvent An interface that can be used to retrieve the position of cells in PdfPTable.
PdfSignatureAppearance.SignatureEvent An interface to retrieve the signature dictionary for modification.
TSAClient Time Stamp Authority client (caller) interface.

Class Summary
AcroFields Query and change fields in existing documents either by method calls or by FDF merging.
AcroFields.Item The field representations for retrieval and modification.
ArabicLigaturizer Shape arabic characters.
Barcode Base class containing properties and methods common to all barcode types.
Barcode128 Implements the code 128 and UCC/EAN-128.
Barcode39 Implements the code 39 and code 39 extended.
BarcodeCodabar Implements the code codabar.
BarcodeDatamatrix A DataMatrix 2D barcode generator.
BarcodeEAN Generates barcodes in several formats: EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, supplemental 2 and 5.
BarcodeEANSUPP This class takes 2 barcodes, an EAN/UPC and a supplemental and creates a single barcode with both combined in the expected layout.
BarcodeInter25 Implements the code interleaved 2 of 5.
BarcodePDF417 Generates the 2D barcode PDF417.
BarcodePostnet Implements the Postnet and Planet barcodes.
BaseField Common field variables.
BaseFont Base class for the several font types supported
BidiLine Does all the line bidirectional processing with PdfChunk assembly.
BidiOrder Reference implementation of the Unicode 3.0 Bidi algorithm.
ByteBuffer Acts like a StringBuffer but works with byte arrays.
CFFFont.DictNumberItem A dictionary number on the list.
CFFFont.DictOffsetItem an unknown offset in a dictionary for the list.
CFFFont.IndexOffsetItem An index-offset item for the list.
CFFFont.Item List items for the linked list that builds the new CID font.
CFFFont.MarkerItem An offset-marker item for the list.
CFFFont.RangeItem A range item.
CFFFont.SubrMarkerItem TODO To change the template for this generated type comment go to Window - Preferences - Java - Code Generation - Code and Comments
CFFFont.UInt16Item A SID or Card16 item.
CFFFont.UInt24Item Card24 item.
CFFFont.UInt32Item Card32 item.
CFFFont.UInt8Item A Card8 item.
CFFFontSubset This Class subsets a CFF Type Font.
CMapAwareDocumentFont Implementation of DocumentFont used while parsing PDF streams.
ColumnText Formats text in a columnwise form.
DefaultFontMapper Default class to map awt fonts to BaseFont.
DefaultFontMapper.BaseFontParameters A representation of BaseFont parameters.
DefaultSplitCharacter The default class that is used to determine whether or not a character is a split character.
FdfReader Reads an FDF form and makes the fields available
FdfWriter Writes an FDF form.
FontSelector Selects the appropriate fonts that contain the glyphs needed to render text correctly.
HyphenationAuto Hyphenates words automatically accordingly to the language and country.
IntHashtable A hash map that uses primitive ints for the key rather than objects.
LZWDecoder A class for performing LZW decoding.
MappedRandomAccessFile A MappedByteBuffer wrapped as a RandomAccessFile
MultiColumnText Formats content into one or more columns bounded by a rectangle.
OcspClientBouncyCastle OcspClient implementation using BouncyCastle.
PatternColor Represents a pattern.
PdfAcroForm Each PDF document can contain maximum 1 AcroForm.
PdfAction A PdfAction defines an action that can be triggered from a PDF file.
PdfAnnotation A PdfAnnotation is a note that is associated with a page.
PdfAnnotation.PdfImportedLink This class processes links from imported pages so that they may be active.
PdfAppearance Implements the appearance stream to be used with form fields..
PdfArray PdfArray is the PDF Array object.
PdfBoolean PdfBoolean is the boolean object represented by the keywords true or false.
PdfBorderArray A PdfBorderArray defines the border of a PdfAnnotation.
PdfBorderDictionary A PdfBorderDictionary define the appearance of a Border (Annotations).
PdfCell A PdfCell is the PDF translation of a Cell.
PdfChunk A PdfChunk is the PDF translation of a Chunk.
PdfContentByte PdfContentByte is an object containing the user positioned text and graphic contents of a page.
PdfContentParser Parses the page or template content.
PdfCopy Make copies of PDF documents.
PdfCopy.RefKey A key to allow us to hash indirect references
PdfCopyFields Concatenates PDF documents including form fields.
PdfCopyForms Allows you to add one (or more) existing PDF document(s) to create a new PDF and add the form of another PDF document to this new PDF.
PdfDashPattern A PdfDashPattern defines a dash pattern as described in the PDF Reference Manual version 1.3 p 325 (section 8.4.3).
PdfDate PdfDate is the PDF date object.
PdfDestination A PdfColor defines a Color (it's a PdfArray containing 3 values).
PdfDeveloperExtension Beginning with BaseVersion 1.7, the extensions dictionary lets developers designate that a given document contains extensions to PDF.
PdfDictionary PdfDictionary is the Pdf dictionary object.
PdfDocument PdfDocument is the class that is used by PdfWriter to translate a Document into a PDF with different pages.
PdfDocument.PdfInfo PdfInfo is the PDF InfoDictionary.
PdfDocument.RenderingContext This is a helper class for adding a Table to a document.
PdfEFStream Extends PdfStream and should be used to create Streams for Embedded Files (file attachments).
PdfEncodings Supports fast encodings for winansi and PDFDocEncoding.
PdfEncryptor This class takes any PDF and returns exactly the same but encrypted.
PdfFileSpecification Specifies a file or an URL.
PdfFormField Implements form fields.
PdfFormXObject PdfFormObject is a type of XObject containing a template-object.
PdfFunction Implements PDF functions.
PdfGState The graphic state dictionary.
PdfICCBased A PdfICCBased defines a ColorSpace
PdfImage PdfImage is a PdfStream containing an image-Dictionary and -stream.
PdfImportedPage Represents an imported page.
PdfIndirectObject PdfIndirectObject is the Pdf indirect object.
PdfIndirectReference PdfIndirectReference contains a reference to a PdfIndirectObject.
PdfLayer An optional content group is a dictionary representing a collection of graphics that can be made visible or invisible dynamically by users of viewer applications.
PdfLayerMembership Content typically belongs to a single optional content group, and is visible when the group is ON and invisible when it is OFF.
PdfLine PdfLine defines an array with PdfChunk-objects that fit into 1 line.
PdfLister List a PDF file in human-readable form (for debugging reasons mostly)
PdfLiteral a Literal
PdfName PdfName is an object that can be used as a name in a PDF-file.
PdfNameTree Creates a name tree.
PdfNull PdfNull is the Null object represented by the keyword null.
PdfNumber PdfNumber provides two types of numbers, integer and real.
PdfNumberTree Creates a number tree.
PdfObject PdfObject is the abstract superclass of all PDF objects.
PdfOCProperties This class represents the /OCProperties entry in the document catalog and holds the optional content properties dictionary, which contains a list of all the optional content groups in the document, as well as information about the default and alternate configurations for optional content.
PdfOutline PdfOutline is an object that represents a PDF outline entry.
PdfPage PdfPage is the PDF Page-object.
PdfPageEventHelper Helps the use of PdfPageEvent by implementing all the interface methods.
PdfPageLabels Page labels are used to identify each page visually on the screen or in print.
PdfPages PdfPages is the PDF Pages-object.
PdfPattern A PdfPattern defines a ColorSpace
PdfPatternPainter Implements the pattern.
PdfPCell A cell in a PdfPTable.
PdfPKCS7 This class does all the processing related to signing and verifying a PKCS#7 signature.
PdfPKCS7.X509Name a class that holds an X509 name
PdfPKCS7.X509NameTokenizer class for breaking up an X500 Name into it's component tokens, ala java.util.StringTokenizer.
PdfPrinterGraphics2D This is an extension class for the sole purpose of implementing the PrinterGraphics interface.
PdfPRow A row in a PdfPTable.
PdfPSXObject Implements the PostScript XObject.
PdfPTable This is a table that can be put at an absolute position but can also be added to the document as the class Table.
PdfReader Reads a PDF document.
PdfRectangle PdfRectangle is the PDF Rectangle object.
PdfRendition A Rendition dictionary (pdf spec 1.5)
PdfShading Implements the shading dictionary (or stream).
PdfShadingPattern Implements the shading pattern dictionary.
PdfSigGenericPKCS A signature dictionary representation for the standard filters.
PdfSigGenericPKCS.PPKLite Creates a standard filter of the type self signed.
PdfSigGenericPKCS.PPKMS Creates a standard filter of the type Windows Certificate.
PdfSigGenericPKCS.VeriSign Creates a standard filter of the type VeriSign.
PdfSignature Implements the signature dictionary.
PdfSignatureAppearance This class takes care of the cryptographic options and appearances that form a signature.
PdfSmartCopy PdfSmartCopy has the same functionality as PdfCopy, but when resources (such as fonts, images,...) are encountered, a reference to these resources is saved in a cache, so that they can be reused.
PdfSpotColor A PdfSpotColor defines a ColorSpace
PdfStamper Applies extra content to the pages of a PDF document.
PdfStream PdfStream is the Pdf stream object.
PdfString A PdfString-class is the PDF-equivalent of a JAVA-String-object.
PdfStructureElement This is a node in a document logical structure.
PdfStructureTreeRoot The structure tree root corresponds to the highest hierarchy level in a tagged PDF.
PdfTable PdfTable is an object that contains the graphics and text of a table.
PdfTemplate Implements the form XObject.
PdfTextArray PdfTextArray defines an array with displacements and PdfString-objects.
PdfTransparencyGroup The transparency group dictionary.
PdfWriter A DocWriter class for PDF.
PdfWriter.PdfBody This class generates the structure of a PDF document.
Pfm2afm Converts a PFM file into an AFM file.
PRAcroForm This class captures an AcroForm on input.
PRAcroForm.FieldInformation This class holds the information for a single field
PushbuttonField Creates a pushbutton field.
RadioCheckField Creates a radio or a check field.
RandomAccessFileOrArray An implementation of a RandomAccessFile for input only that accepts a file or a byte array as data source.
SequenceList This class expands a string into a list of numbers.
ShadingColor Implements a shading pattern as a Color.
SimpleBookmark Bookmark processing in a simple way.
TextField Supports text, combo and list fields generating the correct appearances.
TSAClientBouncyCastle Time Stamp Authority Client interface implementation using Bouncy Castle org.bouncycastle.tsp package.
Type3Font A class to support Type3 fonts.
Type3Glyph The content where Type3 glyphs are written to.
VerticalText Writes text vertically.
XfaForm Processes XFA forms.
XfaForm.AcroFieldsSearch A class to process "classic" fields.
XfaForm.InverseStore A structure to store each part of a SOM name and link it to the next part beginning from the lower hierarchy.
XfaForm.Stack2 Another stack implementation.
XfaForm.Xml2Som A class for some basic SOM processing.
XfaForm.Xml2SomDatasets Processes the datasets section in the XFA form.
XfaForm.Xml2SomTemplate Processes the template section in the XFA form.
XfdfReader Reads a XFDF.

Exception Summary
BadPdfFormatException Signals that a bad PDF format has been used to construct a PdfObject.
PdfException Signals that an unspecified problem while constructing a PDF document.

iText 2.1.7