Package com.lowagie.text.rtf.text

Class Summary
RtfAnnotation The RtfAnnotation provides support for adding Annotations to the rtf document.
RtfChapter The RtfChapter wraps a Chapter element.
RtfChunk The RtfChunk contains one piece of text.
RtfNewPage The RtfNewPage creates a new page.
RtfParagraph The RtfParagraph is an extension of the RtfPhrase that adds alignment and indentation properties.
RtfPhrase The RtfPhrase contains multiple RtfChunks
RtfSection The RtfSection wraps a Section element.
RtfTab The RtfTab encapsulates a tab position and tab type in a paragraph.
RtfTabGroup The RtfTabGroup is a convenience class if the same tabs are to be added to multiple paragraphs.

RtfTabGroup tabs = new RtfTabGroup();
tabs.add(new RtfTab(70, RtfTab.TAB_LEFT_ALIGN));
tabs.add(new RtfTab(160, RtfTab.TAB_CENTER_ALIGN));
tabs.add(new RtfTab(250, RtfTab.TAB_DECIMAL_ALIGN));
tabs.add(new RtfTab(500, RtfTab.TAB_RIGHT_ALIGN));
Paragraph para = new Paragraph();
para.add("\tLeft aligned\tCentre aligned\t12,45\tRight aligned");

iText 2.1.7