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Sybex OCA OCP Practice Test - Errata
Page 457 - explanation#36:

Finally, the declaration of thursday does not compile because the final modifier cannot appear before the access modifier.

Above declaration of thursday compiles without any problem.
The correct answer should therefore be: B instead of C
Page 309 - question#21:

It should be:  ... new File("C:/students.data") or new File("C:\\students.data")
Page 548 - explanation#22:

5: Locale.setDefault(new Locale("en", "AU"));
The three lines printed by the code are ko, en_US and en.

It should be: ... ko, en_AU and en.
Chapter 19 page 329 question 28:

The correct answer is D and not C as described on page 532.

When I add a main method there and try it:

...  then it really converts relative path to absolute:
Chapter 23 page 407 question #44:

There should be Given an updatable and scrollable ResultSet  ... instead of Given an updatable ResultSet ... when correct answer is A.

Because result set is forward only as default and then afterLast() and previous() methods will throw SQLException and correct answer would be D.
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