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IVRS in java
Hello folks,
I want to make an IVR system in java. Please help me to give a start. Will be gratefull to all of you helping me with this...
Jeez, that's quite a big task you've taken upon yourself. You know, companies like Avaya make big bucks for their IVR solutions. We use those at my work as well.

Perhaps you could check out how Asterisk works.
My company wants me to make one in C/C++... But am more comfortable with java. Thats why is wondering that was it possible in java...
There's also http://asterisk-java.org/
Can it developed using Java Telephony API(JTAPI) ?
If yes, then what all will be needed along with JTAPI..
Why don't you try Asterisk as a full product? You say your company needs an IVR system - why build one from scratch if there are already working systems available? And Asterisk won't cost you a penny.
You might be knowing about companies (DiaLogic and Donjin). My job is to build an application and integrate with the existing working API's... so that the application can work for both companies API... Now can i use ASTERIK for building the application??
Please guide through, how to use Asterisk? Since i want to develop an IVR system for my company..
The Asterisk site has a LOT of documentation; that would be a good starting point.
on the site of asterisk http://asterisk-java.org/ . Thats quite confusing and am not getting a start. I have downloaded the stuff available on the website of Asterisk... But then what next??.. Please help me understanding this... Its urgent guys...
Have you read the tutorial? Have you read the FAQ? If so, what left you confused about either?

If this was my problem I'd start by learning about Asterisk itself, probably installing it somewhere and familiarizing myself with it. I'd assume that the Java API won't get you very far until (and unless) you have Asterisk up and running.
I have downloaded 3 jar files of asterisk-java ... but will running them ... a pop-up screen appears saying " Failed to load main-class manifest"
What made you think any part of it is a standalone application that you can run? It looks like an API to me that you can use to develop code that interacts with an Asterisk server.
I understood that i need a server for asterisk... please guide through how and what i need to download ??... According to me i thnk it will need a Manager API and FastAGI protocol...

Hi Sandeep

Have you completed your IVR application??? I am also developing the same application and need help. If you have worked on the same then please help me to solve the same.

Thanks in advance.

yes ivrs in java is possible but just you need to read more on it there are many sites have provided full information.



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