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jQuery advantages over javascript
Hey is their any advantages of jQuery over javascript Or this is only diffrent way to write. And how can i explain jQuery.
I believe this might help you.

yup this links has the nice info. but what we can say in easy and simple way. if interviewer ask to me
Well, jQuery is JavaScript, so it's not really one or the other. But there are distinct advantages of using jQuery over writing raw JavaScript. These include, but are not limited to:
  • The amount of code you need to write is vastly smaller
  • It handles cross browser differences for you
  • Easy DOM manipulation
  • It presents a single events API
  • Effects such as fading, sliding and more
  • It makes Ajax much much MUCH simpler
  • and so on...

  • Hey very nice info how can we say that it makes ajax simpler can we use jQuery in Ajax code in place of java script.
    It's not in *place* of JavaScript, it *is* JavaScript--it's just a library.
    Yup i know this is library of javascript i want's to know that can i use this library or jquery syntax in ajax code.
    You just asked if you could jQuery in place of JavaScript. The answer is no, because jQuery *is* JavaScript. You can use jQuery instead of the default JavaScript/browser support for Ajax (and should, since it's substantially easier, and eliminates the cross-browser headaches).
    Thanks . means i can use jQuery code in ajax code
    ... Ajax code *is* JavaScript code.
    ok... ajax means asynchronus java script and xml. thanks again
    JQuery is unobtrusive JavaScript and it has great extent for cross browser compatibility.
    Syntax is short and sweet.

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