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10K and 16 years ago... A note of thanks to everyone
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Well, this is my 10K-th post, if you go by what's displayed under my name on posts. Just wanted to put that on the record and make this a meaningful milestone post. My profile says I passed the 10K milestone a number of posts back but since I wasn't watching that number until it was too late, I'm going to go by the count I have been watching.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm still four days shy of my official 16th anniversary of joining JavaRanch. Looking back now, it seems like a long time to get to 10K posts, considering that there are some folks who passed that mark years ago and are still adding to their total at the same clip. I don't know how you guys do it but my hat's always off to you. You know who you are. But then again I also spent a couple of years in semi-retirement, not that it would have made much of a difference in trying to keep up with some of the overachievers we have around here.

During the time I was away, roaming open pastures in the mid-2000s, some of the folks who helped me during my early days here also moved on to do other things. I want to give a shout out to Cindy Glass, Frank Carver, Marilyn de Queiroz, Thomas Paul (who I guess is still hanging around here in spirit somehow), Mark Spritzler, Ilja Preuß, Lasse Koskela, and all the others from the old guard whose names some of the newer hands probably haven't even heard of. They all were true inspirations for me and kept me coming back to this community. I do miss them and I wish them all the best in whatever they're doing now.

This community has changed quite a bit since I joined but for better or for worse, it's still one of the best communities I know of online or otherwise. The volunteer corps of moderators is as awesome as ever and the shuffle of members coming and going always generates interesting conversations and lots of new things to discover and learn. This is still a great site for learning new things and re-learning and rediscovering old things. It's also a great place to learn how to teach and mentor and I have gained and grown a lot as a software developer and a mentor through my participation here.

So, I want to thank everyone in this community, past and present: all the Marshals, Sheriffs, Bartenders, Ranchers, Greenhorns, and whatever other titles/designations there are out there, for giving me the chance to lurk, participate in discussions, share what I know, and learn from you all. (In my best Ranch accent) Y'all are awesome! Most of all, thank you for putting up with my repetitive, (mostly) long-winded, and perhaps sometimes overbearing replies about quality, craftsmanship, and software development principles and practices, and especially about my being overbearing to the point of being obnoxious about my enthusiasm for all things agile and Agile with a capital.

Last but not least, of course, I have to thank The TrailBoss, Paul Wheaton, for being the anchor and rock that keeps this site grounded and true to its original vision and purpose, through all the ups and downs both in ranch business and in his own real-world business. Thanks, Paul, for having me on staff and giving me and everyone else here the opportunity to be part of this great community.

Cheers and have a great day!    

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Thank you, Junilu for all your efforts and the time you spend on this site to help us all become better developers. I can feel your real passion for software development in every post of yours I read.
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It's always my pleasure, Prasanna, and thank you, too!
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...it is going to take me some years to reach that incredible amount of posts... thanks for everything!
We may have had a difference or two in the past, but I learned quite a bit from you (and who didn't?). In the tempo that you write replies, I have no doubt that 20K will be soon. So, keep up the good work and enjoy yet another cow!

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Thanks, Frits and Piet, for everything, including the cows.  

Piet, you're a good guy and it's not like I haven't learned anything from you either and that even includes a lot of technical stuff!  
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Congratulations and Moo!
Thanks, Campbell, for everything. I really appreciate all that you do here at the Ranch and you've really filled the void that Frank Carver and company left when they went out to pasture. There's only one thing I wonder about you, well a couple of things: When the heck do you sleep and how the heck do you rack up so many posts?!!
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Congrats Junilu; that's a great milestone.
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16 years.  Wow.  

I guess the forums have been running for a little over 18 years.  December 1998.   So many people.  So many discussions.  So many good times.
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Junilu Lacar wrote:Well, this is my 10K-th post...

Awesome... you are an inspiration.
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Junilu, a big and warm congratulations.

Despite the counter, what I always admire and never miss in your every single post - is an exemplary quality! If you have made a decision (that happens more often than anyone could expect) to help, one can be assured - it will be a well thought piece of an answer, yeah, usually not just a single one. Now, I stop twaddling right here.

Arigato gozaimasu
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Junilu, it's folks like you that make the Ranch by far the best programming forum around.

Congratulations on the milestone. 16 years! That's amazing! No milestone is complete without Pie

You say that 10k posts doesn't sound like much for that period of time but I'd be interested to learn the 'average words per post' statistic. I bet you'd be right up the top of that leaderboard.
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Thanks for all your kind words, I really appreciate it.

Looking forward to another 10K posts and hopefully, maybe, another 16+ years.  
Congratulations Junilu! And thanks for all your priceless help!  
Wow congrats Junilu Lacar...
I want be a marshel soon...
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Junilu Lacar, thanks for the dedication and time you put into this forum. All of the accolades you have received are very well deserved.

Your detailed responses have helped me think differently when I code. Kudos!!
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Congratulations Junilu!

An inspiration indeed. Maybe when I get my act together I can reach that amount of posts with that quality as well some day :P
Congratulations and All the best!
First of all congratulations for achieving such milestone.

I deeply salute you for everything regarding your post the quality, the way you organize it, the knowledge or content you put in it..everything.honestly i am a very big fan of your's.
IMO apart from the programmer you are a very good teacher(did you ever feel it).
adore to see you further on ranch.

Congratulations, o helpful one!  You have helped me in the past, and I thank you.
wow 10K I remember when bill gates said 612k ought be enough for anyone.  Congratulations on reaching 10k!! now only 602k more to go.

Jesse Matty wrote:. . . bill gates said 612k ought be enough for anyone. . . .

You sure that was 612 rather than 512?
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bill gates said 640k ought to be enough for anyone  I just looked it up
cool, thanks for the marvelous help and the nice attitude
I'm new here but Congratulations Junilu Lacar. It's wonderful you have reached this by great helping. Superb. Wish you all the very best. Happy helping forever.

Helping minds always up.

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