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Effective Java 3rd Edition
I just had an email from Amazon saying this book has been cancelled, I was really looking forward to it!
I don't understand. It's available on Amazon in my location (UK) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Effective-Java-Second-Joshua-Bloch/dp/0321356683.
thats the 2nd edition
I had pre-ordered the 3rd edition and it was due out on 17th October....seems not anymore :-(
Probably a question for Amazon wouldn't you think?

Will Myers wrote:I had pre-ordered the 3rd edition and it was due out on 17th October....seems not anymore :-(

Amazon shows it being available on October 29, 2017.

Will Myers wrote:I just had an email from Amazon saying this book has been cancelled

It might be something like the credit card you used to secure it expired??  As Tim said, since Amazon cancelled your order, they would be the one to tell you why.
all becomes clear....I pre-ordered it on 17th May and the price was £29.99, they then cancelled it, and I have just checked and the price is now £43.99 which is strange because its £29.99 and the publishers website, guess I will just buy it from there
Guess I was early enough - my preorder still says £29.94 including shipping to NL. But if they cancel it and increase the price I'll shop around as well. I already have the 2nd edition, so I don't feel like paying over £40 for the 3rd.
Read an article a whlle back where Amazon is not the cheapest,and like everything else, shop around.

Will Myers wrote:thats the 2nd edition

I think you are right.
Hey everyone the ebook is out now on informit.com. Print copies are supposed to ship on 12/29 and can be pre-ordered now.
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Don't tell Amazon, but my pre-order currently says the price is £15.14 including shipping
(I'm afraid that will be corrected though...)
Guess I got lucky, because I am getting the book for the above price. It's already been charged and sent
Interesting...not the fact that the book was delayed or the price of the book, but the book itself.
From what I've read there many of the accepted/recommended practices presented in previous editions of this book were implemented in Kotlin and other JVM languages.

I, for one, am curious as to what those people getting this book think of the book and how this book compares to previous editions.
In November I have decided to buy this book after having it on my wishlist for at least 3 years. It was a huge and pleasant surprise to discover that the 3rd edition was available for pre-order, which I instantly did. Since January its sitting on my shelf. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to read it yet, because I am studying for the OCAJP and I am reading/studying from 2 hard copy books (Java in a Nutshell and TIJ4) + 3 ebooks related to OCA on Safari. After my exam, 3 weeks from now, I'll jump on it asap, including this postponed one: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920030713.do

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