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Dynd a physics based 2D rendering engine for JavaFX
First of all I want thank William Bittle at http://www.dyn4j.org/. His work was a huge inspiration for this project. This was an older project that started as a video game engine. I took it down for a while to work out the bugs and re-branded it after I realized it has so many more potential uses.

I give you Dyn2d a physics based 2D rendering engine for JavaFX. This is a rendering package with full support for input , audio , animation , physics , etc... It's built with JavaFX so you can extend it the application to include all of the controls that come with FX. It also comes with a scene builder that allows you to rapidly develop 2D scenes. Both the core engine and the scene builder are open source. The code is included with the package.

You download the package from here.


Check out this video that demonstrates how easy it is to build a 2D scene using the scene builder.

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