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Dating app
That's not a game but anyway that's pretty interesting how such app programmed from the back-end. Could you please share some topics on the subject;
While we don't mind if you cross-post, we do ask that you are up front about it and link to the other sites where you've asked the same question.

Why is that wrong to ask on few forums?
I have no doubt that here and on javaprogramming I will be waiting for week to collect at least 10 answers all together
Which part of the backend functionality are you asking about? Dating apps are rather dissimilar, so it would help to know what you mean.
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Why is that wrong to ask on few forums?

As Tim said, there's nothing wrong with it. But you should do us the courtesy of letting us know where else you posted, so we don't duplicate a discussion here that is already being held elsewhere. That's not a friendly use of other people's time. It's all explained here: https://coderanch.com/wiki/660346/Forthright-Cross-Posting-Sites
If you want to create an application for dating or just read about it in more detail, then visit this site. It will be interesting
From a strictly back-end perspective, I see not much of a difference between a Dating App vs any simple product website.
You might have your controllers, service layer, DB layer with VOs and DTOs being passed around.
The 'product' are profile that can be created and saved. Only difference is that instead of 'buying' a product, the orientation would be to search and view a profile.
Apart from search, you need to have algorithms to 'match' a profile against the user and make suggestions.
This also brings me to a question, have you ever developed the backend for a project ?

Grind Slave wrote:... I have no doubt that here and on javaprogramming I will be waiting for week to collect at least 10 answers all together

This is a rather negative assertion. I would suggest better wording your question to get better responses. I fail to understand why the number of answers even matters. Even a single answer that solves your query should be good enough for you.
Also posted at https://www.codingforums.com/computer-programming/388894-dating-app-codding.html#post1543768
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