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[STUDENT CHALLENGE] Some suggested threads for you to reply to
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NOTE TO STUDENTS CONCERNED: It has come to our attention that we have a number of new student members here at the Ranch who have been tasked by their instructor to post at least 5 answers in forums like this. We think this is a great challenge and an awesome learning opportunity. However, to minimize duplication and a lot of "Me, too!" replies, here are some threads that we suggest you check out and try to add meaningful discussion to.

NOTE TO MODERATORS: Please feel free to add to this list of threads. Try to choose topics that may be somewhat challenging and involves having to employ some critical thinking and a defense of opinions as much as displaying accurate understanding of technical issues.

Suggested threads for students being challenged to post answers here:

Simple (syntax, standard library usage, simpler algorithms)

Hangman Game: https://coderanch.com/t/678466/java/read-list-words-text-file

Using a loop to perform a calculation: https://coderanch.com/t/678392/java/method-returns-sum-row-array

Intermediate (TBD)

Advanced (longer discussions that are mostly about design and object-orientation)

* Discussion of an implementation of the Tic-Tac-Toe game:


* Discussion about an implementation of Stack:


* Debugging messy code



new student members here at the Ranch who have been tasked by their instructor to post at least 5 answers in forums like this. 

Why would an instructor do that?  It lowers the quality of the threads by having so many posts that do not add to helping the OP solve the posted problem. Many are just a repeat of what has already been said and often are completely wrong requiring some correcting.
It looks a lot like spamming or trolling.
Norm: We do encourage discussions rather than just Q&A. And if something is wrong, a more experienced developer would correct it.

I personally like the assignment. It teaches students how to interact on a forum. In any case, the instructor got permission from a moderator here before tasking students with this.
Maybe the students should be encouraged to post a question in a new thread.
I agree.  There have been a lot of almost useless posts being added to threads in the last few days.

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