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How to add media player in JavaFX in vbox?

why mediaplayer is not adding in vbox please help i cant see any vbox in left side.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to create a group
what do you mean by making group if you mean group instead of stackpane than i had tried it it will show complete blank window.
and video is in url.
im using canvas still video is not running.
I will try to rebuild it later today
im able to do with swing but video is overlapping over browser   and second thing how to run video from other ip  file://
i had set the vlcj in panel but its openning video in vlc direct 3d output can you tell me why it is not openning in panel canvas.
Just out of curiosity: does your keyboard actually have punctuation marks? They make reading text, and comprehending it, much easier.
after playing one video next video  give error this
this is my code.
when i click on next link to play video how to end 1st one process and start of new one because second time while playing video im getting black screen
how to stop first video when i click on aNOTHER VIDEO LINK SO THAT IT WILL NOT SHOW BLACK SCREEN.
basically my question is How to change media in mediaPLayer Javafx list full of urls which can be played in EmbbededMediaPlayerComponent . The first url you choose works just fine and is displayed in the player. The thing is, after I choose another url I want the first one to be replaced with the second one. What is the correct way to dispose the first media and then play the second one?

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