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Kubernetes Implementations
I know that there are a lot of Kubernetes implementations to choose from.  We are using OpenShift and have a few prod and a few non-Prod clusters up - but with the new EKS from Amazon announced, I can see the likelihood of my organization moving there. What to you are the "defacto" implementations for the coming year that we should be looking at?  OpenShift seemed like it was the place to be - until AWS made their announcement in Vegas last month.  I just want to make sure we are making the right choice for the future.  While containerization does offer us portability, there is still quite a bit of work that has been put into the OpenShift effort, and we don't want to change plans every time the wind blows (although it happens here sometimes)

While the organization is on OpenShift, we could opt for the EKS route - as long as we managed it ourselves.  In general, managing our own infrastructure in AWS has been better then having a secondary team in the mix.  (Just a bit of additional details on why we may still have a choice)

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