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org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException: could not execute native bulk manipulation query
The following is my method to update a row of records:

PaymentHistory is an entity and paymentHistoryId is the primary key.

Thus, I believe my method will only update just ONE record of PaymentHistory table.

This process working fine so far. But yesterday I am hitting LockAcquisitionException. The error log will be as follow:

I am not understand why I hitting could not execute native bulk manipulation query Since I am only updating 1 row of records. I believe could not execute native bulk manipulation query is only happen when I update a bulk of records.

For org.hibernate.exception.LockAcquisitionException, I didnt see any request or thread that pulling this row of record or update this row of record. I believe LockAcquisitionException will only happen when the record is being update by another hibernate session, and I am still proceed to update it. But in my case, its not.

Any ideas why I getting this error?

Here is the log from DBA:

I do some study on this, but still not 100% understand on it. I am suspect the issue is cause by the network between application and database, or the database server is not stable. Any ideas?

Or any info I can get from this db log?
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