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JForum 2.5.0 released
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The JForum team has just released JForum 2.5.0, which has a number of new features (including mobile-friendly views of a number of pages) and numerous other improvements and bug fixes. A full list of what's changed can be found at https://sourceforge.net/p/jforum2/wiki2/NewFeatures250/, and the download is at https://sourceforge.net/projects/jforum2/files/. We welcome questions and suggestions at http://jforum.andowson.com/ (naturally hosted on JForum :-)
Since this thread is getting a bunch of extra attention, maybe I should say a bit about what JForum is. It's an open source Java web app for hosting public (or private) discussion forums. It works with the common SQL databases, and has a number of advanced features such as fine-grained permission and access control, thread bookmarks and thread and forum watching, powerful search, and numerous configurations for fine-tuning its behavior. In my opinion (biased, as I'm one of the committers to JForum) it's the best Java-based discussion software.

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