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OCA Study Guide Java SE 8 programmer 1 Exam 1z0-808 Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff
Chapter 5 Review questions.
Question No 19) Where is the blank in the question?

public class Snake {}
public class Cobra extends Snake {}
public class GardenSnake {}
public class SnakeHandler {
   private Snake snake;
   public void setSnake(Snake snake) { this.snake = snake; }
public static void main(String[] args) {
     new SnakeHandler().setSnake();

Please reply, thanks
In my print copy it says

I'm guessing you are using an electronic copy since the print book is right . Which one lacks the blank? Kindle? Safari? Something else?
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am using an electronic version. (Kindle)
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