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BGC Issues
Hi everyone,

I have just joined one of the MNC like 10months ago.

Recently i have approved the BGC for my colleague who got absconded.

Please let me know what are action can actually be taken against me.

Background check
In what way have you acted against company policies?
One of my friend left the company and got absconded. And i wasn't aware of it.
I got his BGC email from his new company and i approved it.

Thats it.
Can you explain what you mean by "got absconded"? A person can abscond, but they can't be absconded. It doesn't make sense.
He left the organisation without telling anyone. Or serving the notice period.
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I can't imagine there would be any formal action that can be taken against you, especially if you didn't know about him leaving without notice at that time. However, you might have lost a bit of credibility with the other company if they happen to find out. Ultimately, it's the responsibility of the other company to make up their own mind about employing him.
Thanks. Thats quite a relief.
Because i wasn't aware whether he served notice period or not.

I just knew he left.

So, you work for Company1 and you had a request for a background check about person X from Company 2?
Then you answered all the background check questions and replied to Company 2?
Then they appointed person X?
Then person X went to work for Company 2 without working out their notice period?

If that really is the scenario, and if nothing else happened that you haven't told us, then whatever you did about the background check preceded any wrongdoing. If person X left before completing their notice period, that is their problem. Maybe Company 1 waived part of the notice. Maybe Company 2 knew about the notice because person X went to them so quickly. Maybe not. You don't know. I think Tim is right and you haven't done anything wrong.
Yes thats the scenerio and they are threatening me with the calls stating they gonna take legal actions against me as i have used their credentials (Email).
And gonna fire me.

Now you didn't mention that before. It is your company threatening legal action?

The legalities differ from country to country with regards to employment law, so you'd need to check your local laws, but in the UK where I live that sounds like 'unfair dismissal'. If you did not know about any wrongdoing on his part when you provided the reference, then as long as there are no other issues with using your company email to provide a reference, then I can't see what they have against you. Perhaps they have a policy against providing references using your company email?

What exactly are they threatening? What law are they claiming you have broken? Do they have any policies around providing references using company email?
Unless the problem is sending confidential information by an insecure medium, what is wrong with using the company email for references? The request for a reference does not go to David S Lnu qua David S Lnu, but to David S Lnu as a representative of Company 1. If you sent the reference by snail‑mail, it would go on letterhead paper, so why shouldn't it go via company email? If you have given us the full story, then I agree with Tim C that the company are wrongly accusing you and threatening to harm you for something you didn't actually do. It still sounds as if any wrongdoing was after you sent the reference and you didn't do anything wrong yourself.
I recommend you take legal advice, preferably via your trades union.
The only way I could see this being a problem is if the company you work for has a policy saying you can't give references.
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