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Welcome Bill Dudney!
This week we're delighted to have Bill Dudney amongst us, helping to answer questions in the IDE's and other tools forum.

We'll also be selecting four random posters in this forum to win a free copy of his book Eclipse Live, provided by the publisher SourceBeat.

So, welcome Bill!

For more information on this and future book promotions, visit http://www.javaranch.com/bookpromo.jsp
Thanks Jeanne!

I'm looking forward to getting to know some new people. The traffic here seems a bit lighter but I was thinking that if someone has a question specifically for me if they could put 'Author' or 'Bill' or some other such marker in the subject so I know which posts to look at first. While I'm here I'm glad to answer every question that i know the answer too but its still good for me to know which ones to tackle first.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you.

BTW. I'll be at JavaOne if anyone want's to meet face to face I'll be doing some Sys-Con radio spots. I'm not sure where they will be set up this year but its always obvious.
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... https://richsoil.com/cards

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