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DSN Creation in WSAD 5.1.2
I am using WSAD5.1.2. I have to create a DSN yo connect to MySQL.I am able to connect using a direct JDBC connection by supplying the userid and password in the url.However when i try accessing it through a DSN i get a java.net.connection refused error.I have mentioned the userid and password in the security tab under JAAS and have selected both container and componenet managed authentication.
I am connecting to the database from my DAO.My ejb calls the service class which is a POJO and my POJO calls the DAO.I am creating the connection in the DAO.Where should i specify my resource reference (in the ejbjar.xml?) in order to create a logical mapping for my database since my ejb is not interacting with the database directly instead my DAO is doing it.
Any help and pointers will be highly appreciated.
You are accessing through a datasource, right? In the ejb.xml, you create a resource reference to the JNDI name. You can do this on the references tab of the EJB editor.

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