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Dial up connection in Linux
Hi all,

i am new to the world of linux, i have a Dial up internet connection which runs on Windows Xp,2000.... with out much effort for configuration(from me). what i would like to know is how do i set up the same connection on my RedHat Linux 9 OS.
And one more thing the software installation cd provided to me by the internet provider does not include any software for Linux OS. please let me know how do i go about it.

Thanks in Advance...
Red Hat 9 has been unsupported since May, 2004. I strongly suggest you upgrade to a supported Linux distribution to keep current with security updates and bug fixes.
As for a dial up connection, have a look at this article I found with a simple fficial" target="_blank" >Google search.
The CD provided by an ISP usually contains very little value. Nothing you couldn't download yourself.
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