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Not Able To Control the Dropdown Menu Width
I tried to set the width of my dropdown menu but it did not seem to work. I wonder what went wrong. Please help me.

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Originally posted by JiaPei Jen:
it did not seem to work

This is not useful.

How did it not work? Whatexactly happened that you did not expect? What did you expect to happen?
Sorry for not being clear about my question.

I changed the width specifiction:


but the width of the dropdown menu stayed the same. I did not seem the width widened or narrowed in the browser.
Do you not think that including which browser you are using would be helpful?

Please read this and take it to heart.

Making people pull information out of you like hen's teeth is not a good way to get them to help you out.

That said, it works fine for me in all browsers I tested: Safari, Firefox, IE6 and IE7.
I am sorry again. I use IE6.
Are you sure that the page is reloading? I tried it in IE6 without a hitch.
It works now.

I do not understand why it did not work yesterday.
Are you okay? You look a little big. Maybe this tiny ad will help:
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