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Popup - File Download

Thanks in advance...

I have a jsp which uses window.open() method to open a PDF / Zip file.


My requirement is to capture the action performed by the user in case of PDF and Zip files. i.e whether the user opened or saved the PDF document / ZIP file.

In case of PDF, the document gets opened in a new popup window automatically. The new popup window has save image / option in the default browser toolbar to save this document. Can we capture this action?

If we cannot capture the save action in above scenario, can we do the following?

When the user clicks on link provided for PDF, Can we popup our own dialog box with open, save and cancel buttons so that we can capture the action performed by the user?

In case of Zip file, a browser popup with open, save, cancel buttons. Can we capture the action performed by the user in a browser popup?

If we cannot capture, can we disable this default browser popup and write our own dialog box?

Please suggest me the solution for this...

There is nothing you can do that tracks what the user does. Requirement is impossible to do.

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