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Beginning Object Oriented Javascript Question
I've dabbled a bit with Javascript, but did not get in depth with it. Lately I notice many application coming out written solely in Javascript, is this book a good start to learn to take my web apps in that direction?
Written solely in JavaScript? No back-end components? That would be very limited in scope.

The advances in JavaScript, JavaScript knowledge, and the JavaScript libraries that have been popping up like mushrooms have all made rich interfaces in the browser much more possible and easier to create. But the need for server-side components isn't going anywhere -- especially when database access is involved.

That said, the nature of web applications is changing, and that entails changes in the way that the server-side components are written. The emphasis on full-page responses has diminished greatly in favor of smaller packets of info: HTML fragments, XML data, JSON data, and so forth.
Hi R., you're right, we've been moving towards the client increasingly and JS is the language of the browser.

Bear is right, the future of the web pages lies in those component-type pieces and widgets that consume web services from all over the place and mash'em up. The futute is now, check iGoogle, my yahoo or foxytines planet. And since you can have web services return you JSON, you can build your app entirely on the client with JavaScript.
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