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Difference in Xerces and JAXP
Forgive me for asking I'm new to XML.. I have an understanding that Xerces and JAXP are both XML parsers, that have its own API's. They both implement certain standard W3 interfaces and hence return similar objects.
While learning, what should I use ? Do i need to know both of them ? Can I go from using one to the other easily ?
If I write a JAVA program to use JAXP, can I use XERCES to run it or are the classes different ?
Thanks for your help !
Hi there,
Yes Xerces is an XML parser but JAXP is not. Without a XML parser you cannot parse with JAXP. It simple provides means through which you "hook" to a parser. JAXP itself comes with an XML parser (SUN's XML parser), so that it is ready to use, but the parser itself is not part of JAXP. Using JAXP you can swap XML parsers without even recompiling your code. That's the beauty of JAXP. Check SUN site out for more info and/or tutorials.
Good luck.
Ambrose Tati
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