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Copying one node to another node
Hi Friends
I have around 100 xml files in which my developer by mistake inserted Some text in wrong node(element).
Now I wanna make java program in which I want to cut that text from that node and want to paste it in another node.
I have wrote some cod efor that but it is giving me exception in
specific code :
Exception is "java.lang.NullPointerException"
Code is :

Please let me where i'm going wrong .
Hi Preeti ,
Can you post the exact Exception i.e. print stack of the exception . That will help to solv this problem.
The full exception is like this

at parser.grrText.swapNodes(grrText.java:112)
at parser.grrText.checkRpt(grrText.java:91)
at parser.grrText.fileToDom(grrText.java:66)
at parser.grrText.process(grrText.java:57)
at parser.grrText.<init>(grrText.java:40)
at parser.grrText.main(grrText.java:44)
Exception in thread "main"

Please help me.
Any help would be great.
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