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FYI: Unofficial stats
Out of curiousity I made a summary of the results posted in this forum ... the stats won't hold up to scrutiny; but for others who are curious, here's the tally:

<61 .......... 12
61-69 .......... 36
70-79 .......... 67
80-89 .......... 115
90-99 .......... 73
Pass/No Score given 24
Total 327

The earliest post was from Dec 23/00, latest May 13/01

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Jane, just out of curosity, why won't the stats hold up to scrutiny? Are people lying and inflating their scores?
If U feel that people are lying then ask them to give their Id and see their result.If u need my i c an give but my score sheet has yet to be downloaded by sun into it's database.
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What Jane got out of the posts is probably fairly accurate, I don't think people would lie about their scores (to what end, other than to make themselves feel better.) As someone who is just now starting to study for the exam (hopefully to take it in the fall) it is fairly heartening to see that the majority of posters have passed it. That was untill I realized that most of the people who didn't pass probably didn't post!!
The part that makes me feel better is that the book I see most often used by people is the RHE book and I just ordered it yesterday, so hopefully I'll have equall success in a few months.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Oh, I really didn't think that people were lying about their scores. Given the caliber of the people who post in this forum, I doubt that they would lie about the test or their scores. The people seem too conscientous for that.
The breakdown of scores will not reflect the actual scores of people taking the test for a number of reasons. Basically its not a random sampling because it is self reporting. Its quite likely that people who fail never bother report to it. Its also possible that the average poster at Javaranch is more motivated than the typical test taker and for that reason would prepare better and do better. I tend to think the scores are above the actual average.
The javaranch audience should score higher than the rest of the world, because they know what the best references are, they know the best mock exams, they know what other people find confusing. They also get their questions answered, ie if they think a book is wrong, they find out before the test whether the book is really wrong or not. Also, just being part of a group lends confidence, which can add a point or two.
hi all..
can anybody tell me how many people all over the world have scored 100% in SCJP??
Hi all,
Whoa ... didn't mean to imply that posters lie Just that I did it out of curiousity and did not follow any statistical sampling rules. Don't think browsing posts on one site qualifies
As others have pointed out, many people who fail, or pass for that matter, don't bother posting their results. Others choose not to include their scores. Overall though, the scores cover the whole range; and not just 'high scores'; which is nice to see.

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