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A Bartender Passes!
I finally broke down and took the test. Passed with 84%.
Lots of thread and exception questions. Quite a few questions that made me calculate the variables at the end of a series of loops. 5 IO questions and 4 AWT questions. 1 garbage collection question.
Overall, I would say that it wasn't an easy test.
Congrats, Thomas! What made you decide to finally go for it? My perception has been that if you've got a few years of experience under your belt, no one really cares much if you're certified or not. Did you discover otherwise, or did you take the test for other reasons? I'm thinking I might finally have to take the SCJP myself just so I can then go for the SCJWCD (since I have little actual experience in web components, a certification there would be more useful to me.) So I'm curious what your motivation was.
Again, congratulations!
My motivation was that I had a free voucher to take the test. I also noted that there are a lot of things on the test that I don't use on a regular basis so studying for the test was actually a learning experience.
Congrats, Thomas. I'm surprised you had time to study for the test between answering all these posts
Congratulations Thomas!
That's G-R-E-A-T !!
Congratulations, Thomas

Congratulations Thomas
Jane Griscti
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java� 2 Platform
Congrats Thomas!
Is there only one bartender ina forum? Or more than one for each forum? Do u keep ur eyes 24 hours on the messages post?
I m curious!
If you look at the main page, in the right hand column you will see the name(s) of the bartenders who control that forum. Sheriffs can moderate any forum.
Hi, Thomas,
How did you get the free vouche?
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Originally posted by Jason Li:
How did you get the free voucher?

There are different ways to get free vouchers. Sign up for an exam cram at one of the conventions (JavaOne for example). I got mine as a gift from the trailboss.
Congratulations Thomas!
Congratulations Thomas
If nothing else, you set a fine example for all of us newbies. Another point is that it gives you more insight as to what one needs for preparation.
Percy, that was actually my main goal. Until I took the test I didn't realize how difficult it is.
congratulations. great news. all the best for your future dreams.
Your Friendly Bartender

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