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Need Advices
Hi All,
I'm giving the SCJP Exam on 28th November 2001. Please pour your advices mainly reg. the Mock Exams as i do want to practise a lot especially with the code snippets.
Thanks in Advance,
Chandra Kanth

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After hearing advices at this great place, i can also advice you:
Don't miss the following mocks (specially for code based questions and questions on IO/Threads/Inner classes):
Marcus Greens
These are really of great help.
Best wishes
Hello Chandra,
Try to practice as many code snippets on the machine as possible.They surely make ur concepts clear and strong which is necessary since the Exam tests ur fundamentals.
Regarding Mock Exams for JCP, there r large number available on NET.Don't try to do all but a select few since not all are good.U can also buy a JQ+ or JWhiz simulators, which are very useful from JCP point of view.Both of them have a very good and large amount of Questions to give u practice.
A few days prior to the Exam, u should give the 3 or at least 2 of Marcus Green mock tests which too r very good.
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For the last week.. i think you should take mock exams.
All 3 of Marcus Greens:
Take it over again and again and again till u get above %90
All 3 of JTips :
They are hard!! But learn the answer of questions u didnt
get. That really help a lot!! And with Jtips exams, you
get to practice long code output question which it is good
On the real exam. The real one has a lot of code question.
But not as hard as Jtips.
After all that.. you should score high on this one!!
Good luck!!

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