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Which way to go?
I've just cleared my SCJP.
Would like to hear some advice from people here on which way you're going after SCJP.
Sun Certified Java Developer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Sun Certified Java Architect Exam
Although I passed SCJP, I don't consider myself a programmer with good software engineering practices because my job is mainly technical support that solve simple problems that is part of the whole picture.
Thus, I'd like to pick up skills like good OOAD, development practices which will actually help in project development as I'd like to switch to software development.
I'd greatly apprecitate any sort of advice.
Shooting me down is fine too.

Han Ming
It depends, I'd imagine, on what you want to do in the field.
Personally, I took the SCWCD exam because it was the majority of what I was working with - servlets and JSPs. Developer and Architect are good if you're going to be doing programming in those areas (J2SE or J2EE respectively).
Certs only really are good if they're relevant to what you're working on. For instance, I rarely mentioned in the past to potential employers that I was certified by the Red Cross to teach swimming or CPR when the job was a programming job. So let where you want to go with your career be your guide.
Theodore Jonathan Casser
IBM Certified Specialist - WebSphere Application Server, Std. Ed, V3.5
Thanks for the advice.
Actually, I'd like to learn J2EE stuff, but I was just thinking should I beef up my programming skill (by attempting SCJD) before attempting the Architect Exam or could I simply skip and go straight to it.
Thanks again.

Han Ming
i say do both!!!
Sun Certified Java Developer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Since Developer is a programming assignment and no time limit.
Why not do both??
You might end up using J2EE on the assgin
Oh.. there is a exam for Developer but everyone said it is easy if you do your assign yourself.
Congrats HanMing
Valentin Crettaz
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
Thanks Valentin.
In fact, you've helped me in some of my post in the ranch during my preparation for the SCJP exam 2-3 weeks back, remember?

Thanks so much for your help.
I think I'll attempt SCJD first because I think I still need some more practice and learn design pattern and the application of it.
Wish me luck though.
Last but not least, thanks to all the folks in JavaRanch who has helped me very much during my preparation for SCJP.

Han Ming

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