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SCJP 1.4 Beta - Passed with 79%
Hi All.
I got an email from Prometric stating that I should log in to their website and check my profile. I did so & clicked on my testing history.
It stated that I have Passed the SCJP 1.4 Beta Exam with 79% ! I had got 83% in the SCJP2 exam I gave in April 2002. Frankly, I am quite pleased with my 79% since I had really hurried through the last 20 or so questions in the beta.
For all the Ranchers who had given a shot at the beta, you might wanna check the Prometric website for your results.
Cheers !
Congratulations, Himanshu !
Jamal Hasanov
Good job Himanshu
...moving this to the Result forum.
PLEASE post your results directly in the result forum!!
Good job Himanshu!
Congratulations, Himanshu!
Thank You, all... !
Good to see you back Valentin
congratulations & all the very best for the future.
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