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Passed SCEA Pt.1 with 91%

Frank Kelly
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Hey folks,
Just another self-congratulatory/ informational e-mail.
I passed Part 1 with 91% (44 out of 48)
Concepts 100%
Common Architectures 66%
Legacy Connectivity 100%
EJB 100%
EJB Container Model 75%
Protocols 100%
Applicability of J2EE 100%
Design Patterns 100%
Messaging 100%
Internationalization 50%
Security 100%
Notes on Questions
As other people have indicated there are a LOT of scenario-based questions e.g. ask you to pick architectures etc. that fit that scenario.
Some questions were a little vague so take
your time.
Some questions have LONG descriptions 6-10 lines and are worth drawing pictures to help
think about them.
- What kinds of "ilitys" should an architect be concerned with (Scalability, availability etc.)
- Needed to be able to recognize a Sequence diagram
- Need to be able to recognize a UML Realization relationship(implements interface!)
- Recognize what development techniques help code re-use (e.g. factoring etc.)
Common Architectures
- There were a LOT of migration architecture questions which played into Legacy Connectivity or Applicability of J2EE and applets
- Understand what clustering is and how it helps an architecture (scalability)
- Understand what DNS round robin can do for scalability/load balancing
Legacy Connectivity
- At least two on MQSeries
- Quite a few on IIOP esp. port-related
- Quite a few on applets and IIOP
- recognizing when screen scraping is appropriate
- Needed to know Stateless session beans cannot be passivated/activated
- Needed to know what the Application Assembler does (I didn't!)
- Benefits of pooling of Entity beans (Scalability)
- Relationship of code in ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate()
- Bean lifecycle

EJB Container Model
- Need to know what Container model handles for you (transactions,
- Need to know how to speed up performance of certain architectures
e.g. use BMP vs. DAO etc.
- Does "Required" mean that a new transaction is created if the bean is invoked outside of a transaction?
- CMP vs BMP - Benefits and Costs
- How can a transaction be coordinated with legacy systems or Java systems outside the container/server
- Need to know about ports for HTTP/HTTPS to answer architecture questions
- Know that you can tunnel IIOP over HTTP/HTTPS
- Know that HTTPS is stateful
Applicability of J2EE
- Given a description of an application tell when J2EE might be required and not
Design Patterns
- Need to know recognize a description of Proxy, Observer
- JDBC ResultSet uses Iterator
- Costs of Design patterns (performance etc.)
- Basics of JMS (Publish/Subscribe vs. MQ)
- Know that MQSeries is compatible with JMS
- What class supports conversion of 8-bit characters to Unicode
- What aspects of a system are typically internationalized at startup time
- Certificates - how they can be used in conjunction with jarsigner and a user's keystore
- Know that unsigned applets CANNOT read arbitrary files but can open network connections (ONLY back to the server for the
- Know what aspects of a firewall can impact IIOP (i.e. what filters)
i) Enterprise Java Beans 2nd Edition (EJB 1.1) by Monson-Haefel
Chapters 1-8.
ii) Design Patterns by Gang of Four
iii) I took a course on Design Patterns based on the book - available at Harvard Extension School
iv) UML Distilled (Martin Fowler & Kendall Scott)
v) Tim Ho's Notes
vi) Read quite a few of the papers on links for SCEA_PREP
Thanks to all at Javaranch
and on SCEA_PREP group at Yahoo!
FYI I'm actually going to wait on Part 2 / 3 for a while until I get more design experience. I think I'll take IBM's XML Certification to be a little more balanced. I hate to say it
but it might be time to hedge a little
with .Net :-(
-Frank Kelly
Jessica Sant
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Android IntelliJ IDE Java
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nicely done!
Mike Piotrowski
Ranch Hand
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Congratulations and great job! I am thinking of starting to study for the SCEA. Wondering how much experience do you have and roughly how long did you prepare for the test?
Valentin Crettaz
Gold Digger
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Great job Frank
Ian B Anderson
Ranch Hand
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Hello Frank,
Congratulations and great score!
Kevin Thompson
Ranch Hand
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Frank - you are saying that the XML certification will be valuable in the microsoft .net world?
Kevin Thompson
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