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passed SCJD 134/155
hi all,
thanks to all, thanks to Mike Spritzler and Michael Morris for helping me.
Following are the details
The maximum possible score is 155;
the minimum to pass is 124.
General Considerations (maximum = 58): 45
Documentation (maximum = 20): 20
GUI (maximum = 24): 18
Server (maximum = 53): 51
Should i mail them to find out why so many points were lost in general considerations and gui
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Nice shot harcharan
Congrats harcharan. Unfortunately they won't tell you why you lost points. It would be nice if they did.
Can you please tell us your design choices.
Hi all,
yeh, Mike ,they should take some time out and let you know why you lost points, it helps candidates to improve their skills
hi sri,
i worked on two design choices
1.I created an remote Interface ,which is implemented by Data class (acts as a server for both local and remote connection) and DataClient class on the client side.
2.I designed a remote Interface, which is implemented by Data class(acts as a sever for the local connection), implemented by a separated class (acts as remote object implementation of this remote interface),and implemented by DataClient class on the client side.
i choose the second design, remote object implementation of this remote interface is a unique instance for a every new client.This implementation instantiated single object of LockManager class(handles locking) and acts as a adapter for single object of Data class.
hope this helps you,you should try to make other design choices as you think, this helps you writing down your essay exam.keep reading this forum.
good luck!

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