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Hello all.
I appeared today for the SCWD exam and succesfully cleared it , score 93%.
The exam is less hard than I expected. lots of questions on Tags usage and development (more than 12 questions)
My studying resources were :
1. Manning book. Exam Study kit.
2. Servlet and JSP specifications
3. JWebPlus Exam Simulator
4. JavaRanch Discussion Forum (www.javaranch.com)

make sure that you solve each and every available mock exam before you appear to the final test
and good luck to all of you .
Ayman Nour,
Excellent Job. Very well Done!!!
4. JavaRanch Discussion Forum (www.javaranch.com)
I think it is very important point
Well done~~
Congratulations to you...
Congratuations to you!
Hearty congratulations on your success!
Congratulations !
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