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Passed my SCJP 1.4 today
Hi Guys,
I passed my SCJP 1.4 exam with 77%, was a little disappointed but I guess I have no reason to. I can learn from this experience and improve on my SCWCD exam.
I used the Java 2 Study Guide by Kathy and Bert (excellent book, may I add, well done guys). The mock test were excellent and actually I got 77% in one and 82% in the other. Also used the Java 2 Exam Cram but I think it wasn't really all that. Finaaly I took a few mock exams on JQPlus 4 and averaged 74%, that was well worth the investment.
Like advice from previous people, "watch out for GC and threads", that is where I did really badly.
Good luck to all future candidates and tomorrow I'll begin my studying for the SCWCD.
- FK
Good job Faisal, it feels good, doesn't it?
Faisal -
Congrats! Don't worry, you're about the 1,000,000 person to get snagged by the GC questions :roll: , for some reason they're trickier than they seem.
I think most folks assume the thread questions are going to be tough, so maybe they prepare for those more?!
Glad the book helped!
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