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Thanks to K&B
Cleared my SCJP 1.4 with 86%.
1. I did two full revision with K&B book.
2. Third revision: Just going thro' 2 minutes drill
3. I didn't get good score in Dan test, so I didn't take every section.
4. http://www.javacertificate.com is good, free website. Itz worth taking once.
5. Real SCJP 1.4 was not that difficult, few questions were very tricky. I completed all the questions in ~ 80mins and went thro all the marked question.
6. At the end of the test, they're not telling straight, wheather you cleared or not. Instead they show section wise percentile.
7. Thanks everyone making these certification easy by providing this excellent website.
Congratulations, and you're welcome
We are pleased to hear that the website was useful.
where can I find K&B book?
Check out Amazon

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