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Passed SCJP 1.4 with 100%
Hi all,
I passed my exam on last Friday with 100%. Although most of the questions were very easy, I didn't expect such a result.
I have about one year of Java coding experience, and studied the exam about 1.5 month. I didn't buy any exam books or commercial testing tools. I think there are more than enough free sources in the internet, if you search. I practiced with all the mock exams that I could find. After each mock exam I've collected all my wrong answers in a sheet, and studied them again.
About the exam: You have a lot of time to check your answers again and again. So you don't need to worry about missing questions because of careless/silly mistakes. I took me 20 minutes to go through all the questions. Most of the questions were similiar (sometimes very similiar ) to the ones in the mock exams. But there were 3-4 questions about some details of threads and garbage collection that I've never seen any mock question that mentions such details.
Anyway, it was fun for me to study exam. I have learned a lot especially about threads.
Thanks to everyone who has prepared those mock exams and contributed to the forums.
Wow!!!awesome score...
Congratulation for great score.
WOW !!!

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