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Passed SCJP 87% -- Which exam next?
I'm not currently in the programming industry, but am eager to learn Java in the hope that I can make a career change in the next year or so. SCJP I've passed, no prob. Can someone recommend which might be the best next step to take? I am considering SCJD, SCWCD, or SCMAD.

Any thoughts or opinions? I can devote a good deal of time to studying and coding over the next year.
hi Michael

The next exam depends on your interest or the area in which you are working

For JSP and servlets there is SCWCD
For EJBs there is SCBCD

For a full fledge applicatin programming there is SCJD

and also many more.
One thing you can do is to go to SUN site and browse the objectives for various exams. And you can find the one which is most suitable for you

all the best for that

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