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I took the SCBCD exam today 2005-05-27. I�m really happy with my score, 94%.
I started my preparation at last december.
I took almost five months to be prepared, studying every day specially on the weekends.
I studied using:
- Head First EJB, it�s a great book, really it�s awsome. I enjoy how the book was written, was very nice to read it. And for me it�s simply the best for this preparation.
- EJB 2.0 specification, a litle hard i think to read. I read it completely.
- Mikalai Zaikin�s SCBCD Guide it�s interesting and helps me a lot about doing reviews a week before took the exam.
- JavaRanch guys, You really helps me a lot. I always searching on this forums and most of my questions was already posted and that helps me so much.

- Finally I did Head First�s Mock Exam. It�s really helps me. Doing that was possible for me to knew which points about exam i need to improve. I got 80% in this mock exam.

By the way, sorry for my english. I�m not so proficient, but i�m working to get better.

Thanks a lot! Best regards.
Fernando Faria
Fernando , congratulations !!!
Congrats~ A great score!
Congrats. Enjoy your success.

Well Done!!!
congratulations and enjoy!
Congratz !!!
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