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SCBCD( 97%)
Passed SCBCD with 97%.

Thanks to Java Ranch forum for keeping me motivated throughout my preparation.


Hey Manish..

Gr8 score...CONGRATS!!!

Well Done!!!
Congratulations & enjoy!
What a great score!
don't forgot to tell your, way of preparing.

congratz !
Heartly Congratulation !!!

-Can u plz share your preparation startagies with us??Do you have any prior experience before this.?

I didnt had any prior experience in EJB. I had a simple strategy of reading K&B - THRICE !. I did some mocks from JDiscuss. Although I purchased Whizlabs simulator - but I wont recommend them for preparation and their licencing policies are real evil.

Thats' all I can think of at this moment.
Hi Manish!
Congratulations for ur grand Success....Keep it up and Enjoy!!!


Can u please tell me the preparation steps.
congratulations and enjoy!
maniSh, cOngrats!

what tOpic involves the question you miSsed?
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Why should you try IntelliJ IDEA ?

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