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Passed with 86%, but unhappy about errors in the exam
Two days ago I passed for the SCWCD exam. However, I'm not happy about the exam itself. There are to much errors in the possible answers you can select. Here are some examples:
I've got a question about classic tag handlers. A piece of code was given, and you had to fill in the missing lines of code of a tag that does some looping over the body. You had to select one of the four possible answers. All the answers contained a SKIP_BODY or a EVAL_BODY_AGAIN for the doStartTag?!

Another example where I had to select 2 required tags in the <web-resource-collection>. One of them was <web-resource-name>. The rest where non existing tags, so I selected <uri-pattern> which has to be <url-pattern>.

The result of this is that you start having doubts about the other answers in the other questions. People pay 150$ for an exam. At least you can expect for that amount of money is that you have an exam without errors. Anybody else had some experience with this kind of problems? Where can you report those errors?

Best regards
Congratulations, Geoffrey!

Where can you report those errors?

You can try reporting those errors to who2contact@sun.com.

A better way is to make a comment for every question when you did the test. There is a comment button for such case.



Nick, I think the comment button is available is only for Beta Exams not for final exam.

congratulations and enjoy!

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