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SCJP 1.4 cleared with 96%
Hi ppl,

I could clear the exam with the result more than i expected. As per the tradition of the forum, i felt the need to share my experience.

I started my preparation with khalid moghul. But later when i got into this forum then i realised the importance of K&B, but its too late by then. K&B is the best book for SCJP. I could only refer some important topics. But the good thing i have done is to do all the mock test.

So i suggest ppl to start with mock test after one round of reading so that they could analyse where they stand. Also spend more time in analysing ur answers and go back and refer to the topics u feel r not so confident. Don't worry about the mock test scores. I never got more than 88% in mocks. Do as many mock tests as you can.

After answering the mock test, maintain the list of questions where u faltered. Go through this list before the day of the exam so that u will not do the same kind of mistake during the real exam.

Also the original test has many straight forward questions, as very few twisted questions. You can spend the last 30 minutes for revisiting all the questions. While doing this, look carefully into the code for questions with code exibits , like the definition for main ..etc. This really helped.

All the best !!! Do well and post ur experiences.

I am planning for SCWCD next ... shld i go ahead with HFSJ?
Awesome score.

Many congratulations.
Congratulations on the good score. Thanks for the tips.

Moving to Results.
Congratz !!!
Congrats bobgalli!

Awesome score!


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