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passed the SCJP for 1.4 with an 86%
I used the Sierra/Bates book and both practice exams and some of the practice tests here on JR. I left the exam with 50 minutes to spare. The exam room was a little warm for my taste.

Tips if anyone is interested:

it's all well and good that IDE's such as eclipse flag your silly syntax errors quickly, but that little crutch could lull you into a false sense of confidence. If you turn that stuff off in Eclipse the syntax errors you do make will make you pay more of a price and may condition you to pay more attention.

Try to think like those evil people at Sun who come up with the questions and try experiments with unusual looking syntax that is actually valid.

The S/B book's mention of the "fun" they had coming up with tricky questions is fairly accurate I think.

In any case I am finished with that test and though I would have like to have done a little better I understand learned a few things during the test so I'm ok with my score.
Congrats Dave!

That's a great score, and we're happy that you picked up on the fun we had


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