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passed SCJP1.4 with 90%
Hi all,

I have passed the SCJP1.4 with 90%.(not satisfied with my score )
I prepared from "kathy sierra and bert bate's book" and "khalid mughals book" ( Thanks sierra and bate ).

I got 98% in K&B mock exam and 80% in mughal's.
I was confident of getting more than 95% in the original exam.
But overlooked many Q in "Threads" topic(got 50% ) , "fundamental classes in java.lang.*" topic(83 %) and "overloading" topic(83%).
I completed the exam in 1 hour.
The questions are similar to K&B mock exam and mughal's mock exam.

(IMPORTATNT : Even though i attempted the questions confidently a second look at the Q's made me to find many mistakes in my marked answers..
so watch for it and be prepared for those Q's that takes U to look elswhere when the problem is elsewhere. I actually rectified 3 to 4 answers at the second look only ( i would have lost some 10 % otherwise)..)

So once again guys ..thanx a lot for your guidance...

I am started preparing for the SCBCD exam...

many many congrats. can u tell me plz how
much time u spent for preparing the exam.
how many times u studied the two books.
Hi all,

I prepared for 2 months.(2-3 hrs in weekdays and 10-12 hrs in weekends )
I studied "K&B" twice and revised the two-minute-drill many times and "Khalid moghul" once(it is quite tough to complete the book itself in 2 months but i managed : ) ).
thanx arun for replying.
hi arun. can u plz tell me which
mock exams u gave. actually there
are 38 in the list. not possible
for me to attend all those.plz reply
Congrats Arun, 90% is a great score - really!

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