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SCWCD - 88%
today i have cleared the exam with 88%.

i had 70 questions in the exam, but the mark sheet showed 69 questions.

i am very thankfull to the authors of HFS/J and to all ranchers who helped me directly or indirectly.

i have used HFS/J for the preparation.
with Hanumant Deshmukh SCWCD Exam kit specially for Design Pattern

i have gone through some of the mocks exams.

there were 10 drag & drop questions.
exam is very straight forward with no googlies.

also i got 76% in HFS/J mock exam.

i am want to prepare for SCBCD exam please tell me good resources and books for this exam.

Congratulations! Same score here.

If you have to learn EJB basics I recommend part 1 and 2 of Mastering EJB, as well as a few chapters (you'll see what you need) of part 3. For the direct SCBCD exam preparation I recommend the SCBCD Study Guide by Mikalai Zaikin. You'll also need mock questions that are grouped by the 14 official exam objectives sections. I have no free suggestion there.

The Head First SCBCD book got some good reviews, but I don't know it.

Congratz !!!
Congrats hasaN!

That's a great score on a really, really hard exam!

congrats man.
i just took my scjp exam. hoping to become a scwcd one day .
Very good!!!

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