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Passed SCJP 5.0 wth 70%
I know it's not an outstanding score, but I am still happy I made it!
Here are some tips for my fellow earthlings
a)Look no further than K&B book for study material if you have basic java foundation
b)Cramming without understanding won't help
c)Be wary about reviewing Drag & Drop Q's. It erases your answer.My suggestion is to attempt them last although they constitute about 20-25% of exam
d)Having some mock exams before attemping the real stuff will help you a lot. I went for enthuware. Best 25 bucks I ever spent.
e)I did not had time(due to personal reasons)but if you can, go through K&B book at least thrice. If you do it honestly you are assured of 90% or more. Real test feels like piece of cake compare to K&B Q's. I just studied it once & my average was about 50% while attempting it's q's
f)Don't just read. Write as much code as you can without making it too complex beyond the exam requirements.

Also I would like to compliment K&B on their sense of humour which makes their book so funny at times that it will keep you grinning for quite a while.
congratulations Bunty
Congrats Bunty!

We're glad you enjoyed the book!

For my next feat, I will require a volunteer from the audience! Perhaps this tiny ad?
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