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SCJP 5.0 Passed with 95%
Declaration,Initialization and Scoping 100%
Flow Control 100%
API Contents 100%
Concurrency 87%
OO Concepts 100%
Collections/Generics 90%
Fundamentals 90%

Exam Material was same.
it took 1 month for me to prepare. but I delayed it 1 more month bcoz of my laziness. 69 questions i marked correct.
about 15 drag and drops.
last 10 questions were from threads.
there was a question regarding system.out.printf which i was not sure answered it right.
try to more concentrate in Collections and Generics and Threads.
don't leave any question unanswered as there is no -ve marking.
you have lots of time my time was 215 minutes.
Good Luck for those who are appearing

Great score.....

How did you feel about the time pressure.

Did you have a plan about how much time to spent on each question?

were the questions bunched together as a section or scattered throughout.
about to take the exam in less than a month

Hi Mary,
There was no time pressure on me, in fact i finished my exam earlier.
If i was not sure about the answer i made a guess. instead of spending half an hour on a single question.
Only threads questions seems to me bunched.
Drag and Drop questions came from almost all topics
Best of Luck for your exam.
Are you appearing the first time in any certification exam?
If your read the book more than 1 time then Try to give as much mock exams as you can. Also if you find any difficulty refer to book.
There are some question which is not easily understandable unless you compile and run it.
Congrats Ameen Khan! Great performance!!
Which part of the world are you from?
First of all congrats for your SCJP exam ,Ameen i am also planning to give SCJP 5.0 exam i wanted to know which books you used to study, how much time you gave for this exam
I live in Kuwait but I m not Kuwaiti, working in a software house.
In reply to nikunj
same great book K & B.
a person can complete his preparation in 1 month.
reading book simultaneously with giving mock exam is an effective way of preparing.
Congratualations Ameen khan for the good score

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